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'Jason Webster has made Valencia his own'

Daily Mirror

‘One of the most creative writers working within the field of crime fiction, and one of the most entertaining.’

Barry Forshaw, Daily Express


In the hills above Valencia is a notorious nightclub called Sunset. When its larger-than-life owner, Jose Luis, dies suddenly, everyone assumes it was a heart attack.

Meanwhile, all is not well for Max Cámara at HQ. His new boss, Rita Hernández, has it in for him and his idiosyncratic methods. He must abandon a complex investigation to check out what looks like a routine death at Sunset. But an anonymous phone call suggests otherwise, leading him to an unholy network of drug dealers, priests and shady officials protecting a dark government secret.

Author’s note:

A curious set of circumstances meant that I was obliged to write this book from start to finish in three weeks. Many have asked if it is the last Max Camara novel. It needn’t be, and I hope to write more at some point in the future.