Violencia - A New History of Spain

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'A delightfully engaging read and a good introduction to Spain’s turbulent history. Webster, rather like John Julius Norwich, combines considerable knowledge with wonderfully irreverent observations.’

The Times

Deep fault lines are appearing in Spain: extremist groups are on the rise, a region on the fringe pushes for independence. But the country’s history shows this is nothing new. After centuries locked in bloody civil war, can democracy ever work? In Violencia, Jason Webster tells the story of Spain from its origins to the present day, drawing on rich anecdote and decades of research to uncover its genius both for cruelty and enlightened thought. He shows how Spanish history is in danger of repeating itself and argues that the country has long predicted developments in the West.

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JASON WEBSTER is the highly acclaimed author of a dozen books of fiction and non-fiction on Spanish themes, including Duende: A Journey in Search of Flamenco; Andalus: Unlocking the Secrets of Moorish Spain; Guerra: Living in the Shadows of the Spanish Civil War; The Spy with 29 Names; and the Max Cámara series of crime novels. The fifth of these, A Body in Barcelona (2015) predicted the Catalan independence crisis. He is married to the Flamenco dancer Salud and has two children.