My second book, where I explore a long-held fascination for the complex mixture of Eastern and Western cultures found in Spain. It’s a huge subject, and this is intended as something of an introduction. The book was turned into a play for BBC Radio 3.

‘As Islam and the West prepare to clash once again, Jason embarks on a quest to discover Spain’s hidden Moorish legacy and lift the lid on a country once forged by both Muslims and Christians. ‘He meets Zine, a young illegal immigrant from Morocco, a twenty-first-century Moor, lured over with the promise of a job but exploited as a slave labourer on a fruit farm. Jason’s life is threatened as he investigates the agricultural gulag, Zine rescues him, and the unlikely pair of writer and desperado take off on a rollercoaster ride through Andalucía.

While Jason unveils the neglected Arab ancestry of modern Spain – apparent in its food, language, people and culture – Zine sets out on his own parallel quest, a one-man peace mission to resolve Muslim–Christian tensions by proving irresistible to Spanish señoritas.’

‘Engaging and stimulating…it’s a measure of his achievement …that he’s managed to unlock several of the secrets of Moorish Spain without disturbing the enigma that lies at its heart.’

Sunday Telegraph

‘Gripping and original… Webster is a totally engaging travelling companion’

Literary Review

‘Highly entertaining. The writing is refined and elliptical, while Webster handles his material with huge assurance’

The Guardian

‘Essential reading’

Daily Mail

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